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No. 1033: Cursitor Street, London, EC4

Posted in Markets by esotericlondon on February 12, 2014

©Roger Dean RED_7009 copy

Cursitor Street, London, EC4. Photo © Roger Dean 2014

Living London; Its Work And Its Play, Its Humour And Its Pathos, Its Sights And Its Scenes – George R. Sims, 1902:


Some time in the night, two steamers, fitted with ice tanks and carrying cargoes from fishing towns along the eastern and north-eastern coasts, come in up the Thames, and are moored under the flare of lamps that burn till morning at the back of Billingsgate Market. No sooner are they moored, with the ripples flapping sleepily against their idle keels, than they settle into silence and somnolence, except for the lessening hiss of steam from their engines, and the unwinking stare of the lanterns that watch fore and aft until dawn rises over the river, putting out simultaneously the lights on anchored boats and barges and the stars in the sky.