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No. 682: Cornhill, EC3

Posted in Architectural, Churches by esotericlondon on October 9, 2012

Cornhill, London, EC3. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

It’s said that the vicar of St-Peter-upon-Cornhill in the late 19th century was particularly astute. He noticed that the architects plans drawn up for the developers of the land adjacent to the church showed the proposed building encroaching onto the church’s land by a foot. He formally objected forcing the architect, at great cost, to redraw the plans. So angry was the architect that his new plan incorporated three terracotta devils perched on the exterior of the building glaring down at the church and the passers-by on Cornhill below. The devil closest to the street is supposed to bear a striking similarity to the eagle-eyed priest but if this is true the poor man was certainly very ugly. R.D.