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No. 823: Cambridge Heath Road, E1

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© Roger Dean RED_9714 copy

Cambridge Heath Road, London, E1. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Unsentimental Journeys: or, Byways of the Modern Babylon – James Greenwood, 1867:

A considerable portion of the Lambeth bone-works is adapted to the manufacture of soap from the fatty matter obtained from the bones. Did space permit, much interesting matter might be written concerning the various processes; of the coppers, broad and deep enough to drown a dozen men, and of the mysteries of “mottled,” and “yellow,” and “primrose,” together with their comparative merits. One little bit of information that I gleaned concerning soap may be of value to the thrifty British matron, and she is heartily welcome to it. Beware of cheap soap, however proper its appearance may be.