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No. 790: Peter’s Lane, EC1

Posted in Graffiti, London Types by esotericlondon on March 8, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_7810 copy

Peter’s Lane, London, EC1. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Round London, Down East and Up West – Montagu Williams Q.C., 1894:

No one who is a stranger to the East End of London can have any idea of the kind of female headgear in vogue in that locality. The material is cotton velvet, the colour, gaudy, and the size, enormous; and let me parenthetically observe that, no matter how shabby or dirty be the rest of the clothing of the ladies to be seen in every street, court, and alley in the neighbourhood of Commercial Road, Whitechapel, and Shoreditch, if they have any covering at all to their heads, it is certain to be one of the hats to which I refer.