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No. 982: Station Approach Road, SE1

Posted in Lettering, Public Art by esotericlondon on December 3, 2013

Old Vic Tunnels, Station Approach Road, London, SE1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

Dickens’s Dictionary of London – Charles Dickens [Jr.], 1879:

City of London (The).—The Municipality of the City originally exercised jurisdiction over London proper, but the town has so outgrown its original limits that the Corporation is now entirely surrounded by rival powers, and may be called in truth an imperium in imperio. The City is divided into wards each of which returns a member of the Upper House or Aldermen, and again into precincts, returning the members of the Common – Council or House of Commons. The Lord Mayor, who [for] his year of office is the constitutional king of the City, is nominally elected by the members the Livery, but, as a matter of fact, is chosen from the members of the Court of Aldermen in rotation. Occasionally an extremely popular Lord Mayor is re-elected for a second term of office, and instances have been known where a still longer lease of power has been granted; on the other hand, the alderman first on the rota has been passed over and a junior preferred. The Lord Mayor exercises high judicial functions as chief magistrate of the City. The City has from time immemorial enjoyed the great privilege of appointing its own judicial functionaries, and many highly distinguished lawyers have figured on the roll of the Recorders of the City of London. The Sheriffs of London are also Sheriffs of the county of Middlesex, and are elected by the Livery. The City has its own police, and the Livery possesses many privileges conferred and confirmed by a series of royal charters, of which they are properly tenacious.