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No. 1132: Procter Street, WC1

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Procter Street, London, WC1. Photo ©RogerDean 2014

Ins and Outs of London – W. O’Daniel, 1859:

A short river trip at low tide, presents to the most casual observer, a sad picture of low life. Thousands, and probably scores of thousands, of poor creatures in London make their living, somtimes a comparatively comfortable one, in searching the mud, washed out from the sewers into the river, for whatever may have negligently been lost or thrown out by accident or careless servants; such as silver spoons, forks, and other small articles. These “mud larks,” understand so well the tides, that often they will venture great distances up the sewers. As they are seen on the banks of the river, (which at low tide leaves a beach of fine pebbles many feet broad) the men in mud-sprinkled fancy costumes, women in short bright-colored skirts and head dresses, and children half naked, altogether appear grotesque;- but it is a picture of want and misery.