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No. 840: Langham Place, N15

Posted in Architectural, Graffiti, London Places by esotericlondon on May 17, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_0750 copy

Langham Place, London, N15. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Scenery of London – G.E. Mitton, 1905:

The narrow attractive entries of Middle and Inner Temple invite an excursion, and the precincts within are well in keeping. Brick is the distinctive material of the Temple, and has been so from the first. It is said that the brick buildings of the Temple stopped the Fire, which had before reaching them grown lusty on a diet of wooden houses. Brick, toned by the smut and dust and age of generations, attains that indescribably russet hue of a gentle old age that is still hale; and this is seen to perfection in the Temple. The same colour may be seen in the dwelling of the canons of St. Paul’s in Amen Court, but here the hue is of one age and generation only, in the Temple there is every variety of brick, brick new and still unchastened, brick worn and wrinkled, brick richly glowing, brick brown with time, and all enhanced by being seen through trees or across wide spaces of smooth green.