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No. 1194: Maryland Point, E15

Posted in Entertainment, London Music, Pubs by esotericlondon on May 26, 2015

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Maryland Point, London, E15. Photo ©RogerDean 2015

Curiosities of London Life: Or Phases, Physiological And Social Of The Great Metropolis – Charles Manby Smith, 1853:

Perhaps the pleasantest of all the outdoor accessories of a London life, are the strains of fugitive music which one hears in the quiet bye-streets or suburban highways-strains born of the skill of some of our wandering artists, who, with flute, violin, harp, or brazen tube of various shape and designation, make the brick-walls of the busy city responsive with the echoes of harmony.

[In 1976, a fledgling Iron Maiden secured a residency at The Cart and Horses pub in the East End of London. The pub is still a music venue. To see who you can catch up-close, before they make it into the stadium tour league, take a look at the pub’s listings by clicking here. R.D.]