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No. 753: Amersham Road, SE14

Posted in Graffiti, London Types by esotericlondon on January 16, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_4246 copy

Amersham Road, London, SE14. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Twice Round the Clock; or The Hours of the Day and Night in London – George Augustus Sala, 1862:

Body of me! here am I wasting my time among the dog-fanciers […] descanting on poodles and pug-dogs, when, with quick observant eyes, I should be noting the hundred little trades that are being driven at three o’clock in the afternoon. The feverish industry – the untiring perseverance – the bitter struggle, and all for yon scanty morsel of bread, and a few inches of space for repose at night in a fourpenny lodging-house! Follow the kerb-stone from the County Fire Office to St. Martin’s Lane. See the itinerant venders of catch-’em-alive-o’s, of cheap toys, of quires of writing-paper, sealing-wax and envelopes, all for the small charge of one penny; see the industrials who have walking-sticks, umbrellas, gutta-percha whips, aërated balls, locomotive engines and statuettes of Napoleon in glass phials, that make us wonder, as with flies in amber, however they, the engines and statuettes, got there; the women who have bouquets to dispose of – how many times have they been refreshed beneath the pump, this droughty day ?- the boys and girls in looped and windowed raggedness striving to sell fruit, flowers, almanacks, pencils, fusees – anything, to keep the wolf from the door. He is always at the door, that wolf – always at that yawning portal, and his name is Famine.