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No. 1217: Marchmont Street, WC1

Posted in Markets by esotericlondon on December 8, 2015

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The Brunswick, Marchmont Street, London, WC1. Photo ©RogerDean 2015

Dickens’s Dictionary of London, An Unconventional Handbook – Charles Dickens [Jr.] 1882:

Clare Market lies at the western side of Lincoln’s-inn, on ground once occupied by the monastery of St. Clare. It is a market without a market-house; a collection of streets and lanes, where the shops are tenanted by butchers, greengrocers, &c, and where the roadways are crowded with costermongers’ carts, and the kerbs and kennels with stalls where nearly everything is vended. To see Clare Market at its best, it is needful to go there on Saturday evening; then the narrow lanes are crowded, then the butchers’ shops are ablaze with gas-lights flaring in the air, and the shouting of the salesman and costermonger is at its loudest.