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No. 947: Mare Street, E8

Posted in Monumental by esotericlondon on October 15, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_5005 copy

Mare Street, London, E8. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

London. Volume V.  – Edited by Charles Knight, 1841:

[…] which, let us ask, of the public statues of London would in all probability first occur to the generality of readers? There can be but one answer to that question – the statue of Charles I. at Charing Cross, which is one of the best, one of the earliest, and by far the most historically interesting of the whole. At Charing Cross, then, let us commence our survey of the chief of these works. The place itself may be said to be sacred from a very early period to the great object of monumental sculpture, that of commemorating persons whose virtues have shed a glory upon our common humanity: for here it was that the body of the admirable queen of Edward I., Eleanor, rested for the last time on its way from Lincolnshire to the Abbey, and where accordingly, as at all the other resting-places, a cross was erected by her husband; in whose prolonged life of ruthless warfare this event forms a most touching incident.