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No. 579: Westminster Bridge Road, SE1

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Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Gaslight and Daylight, with Some London Scenes They Shine Upon – George Augustus Sala, 1859:

When the race of this huge London World City shall be run – when the millstone shall have been cast into its waters, and the word has gone forth that Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen – when the spider shall weave his web amidst the broken columns of the Bank; the owl shriek through the deserted arcades of the Exchange; and the jackal prowl through labyrinths of ruins and rubbish, decayed oyster-shells and bleached skeletons, of the dogs of other days, where once was Regent Street – I should very much like to know what the ‘Central Australian Society for the Advancement of Science,’ or the ‘Polynesian Archaeological Association,’ or the ‘Imperial New Zealand Society of Antiquaries,’ would be likely to make of a great oblong board which glares at me through the window at which I am writing this present paper – a board some five-and-twenty feet in length perchance, painted a bright resplendent blue…