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No. 440: Hyde Park Corner, W1

Posted in Public Art by esotericlondon on November 4, 2011

Hyde Park Corner, London, W1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

Curiosities of London Life or Phases, Physiological and Social of the Great Metropolis – Charles Manby Smith, 1853:

The reader must suppose it to be the dull time of the London year. London is, in fact, gone out of town, all but those unfortunates who, lacking the sinews of locomotion – surplus cash – have nothing to go with, and therefore nowhere to go to. The West End stands in stately silence; the tall rows of lordly residences blink darkly at each other through closed window-shutters; the broad pavements, glittering in the autumn sun, yield not an echo save to the plodding footfall of the milkman or the pot-boy.