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No. 1230: High Road Leyton, E10

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©RogerDean_RED_2909 copy

High Road Leyton, London, E10. Photo ©RogerDean 2014

Life in the London Streets – Richard Rowe, 1881:

A dingy, crowded, East-End thoroughfare is broiling and bustling in the dusty sunshine. Ponderous waggons labour along its stone-trains, laden with sugar-hogsheads perspiring treacle; omnibuses rattle past, with passengers stewing within, and passengers set out to bake in batches on the knife-board. The dirty boots of cabmen, taking their siesta within, dangle from the doors of battered cabs. An irrepressible longing for beer appears to have seized the majority of the population. The bars are crowded, and people who have passed them, suddenly turn back and dive in, taking off their hats and mopping their brows, and expressing aloud, as though onlookers required an apology for their vacillating conduct, their conviction that “A feller must have a swig on such a day as thisn.”