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No. 1232: Stoke Newington Church Street, N16

Posted in Gardens, Public Art by esotericlondon on April 6, 2016

©RogerDean_RED_6568 copy

Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16. Photo © Roger Dean 2014

Cremorne and the later London Gardens – Warwick Wroth, 1907:


Early in the thirties, the proprietor, a Mr. McPherson began to provide ‘gala nights’ for the inhabitants of the district, and advertised his ‘Branch’ as the Islington Vauxhall. In 1835 he is said to have spent £4,000 on the place, but for some mysterious reason chose this moment for retiring from business. In October 1836 the gardens were offered for sale- three acres only, but provided with ‘elevated terrace-walks’ screened by trees, and with ground for rackets and skittles. The place was taken by a new proprietor, who continued the fireworks and illuminations, and introduced (1837) Mrs. Graham and her balloon, in which she ascended with the gallant Colonel of the Honourable Lumber Troop.
A view of about the middle of the forties depicts the gardens as entirely surrounded by alcoves and trees, with two rope ascents and a pony race going on in the arena simultaneously, like Barnum’s Circus. An admiring youth, a lady in an ample shawl and hat, and two gentlemen posed in the manner of tailors’ models, occupy the foreground, while a crowd of onlookers stand in front of the circle of boxes. Festoons of coloured lamps, a minute balloon, a small theatre, and an orchestra, are also symbollic of the attractions of the Islington Vauxhall.

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