Esoteric London

No. 1185: John Wilson Street, SE18

Posted in Churches, Graffiti by esotericlondon on April 3, 2015

© Roger Dean RED_7525 copy John Wilson Street, London, SE18. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

A Looker On in London – Mary H. Krout, 1899:

On Good Friday the ceremony known as “Visiting the Sepulcher” is observed with great solemnity in the Catholic churches. Prayers are offered at the high altar upon which the Host, consecrated by high mass, is exposed throughout the entire day and night until “the mass of the Pre-Sanctified” the following morning. The Sepulcher at the Oratory in Brompton road-the most beautiful of modem Catholic churches in London, was in keeping with its noble surroundings; the altar was banked with azaleas, hyacinths and spirea, which reached the lofty ceiling, and was screened on either side by flowing draperies of scarlet silk. The Farm street church, which the Catholic members of the Diplomatic Corps attend, was also beautifully dressed with flowers, and the titled ladies of the congregation, English and European alike, knelt in prayer before the altar, the worshippers relieving each other at intervals, until the hour for mass on Saturday.

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