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No. 1172: Wick Road, E9

Posted in Parks, Pubs by esotericlondon on December 26, 2014

©RogerDean_RED_2075 copy

Wick Road, London, E9. Photo ©RogerDean 2014

Mogg’s New Picture of London, And Visitors’ Guide To Its Sights – 1844:

Surrey Zoological Gardens, Walworth.–As these gardens cover a considerable extent of ground, we shall premise by stating that there are two several entrances thereto; one in Penton Place, Newington; the other in New Street, Kennington Road. These very beautiful grounds were first opened to the public in August, 1831, under the patronage of the now Dowager Queen Adelaide; and it would be in vain to deny, have proved a very formidable rival to those in the Regent’s Park. The gardens are very extensive, they occupy an area of fifteen acres, are ornamented with a fine sheet of water, called the lake, and others of smaller dimensions, in which many of the larger quadrupeds are occasionally permitted to indulge. The whole of this charming pleasure-ground is finely timbered, the margin of the lake particularly so, and is throughout tastefully disposed; the sides of the principal walks and avenues being planted with every description of native and exotic forest tree, capable of enduring this climate. The large conservatory is itself a great curiosity, and being dome-shaped, has a very beautiful effect; it is the largest continued surface of glass in England, comprising upwards of 6000 feet; it contains a beautiful collection of the larger carnivorous animals, among which are some of the finest lions ever seen in this country; near this is a building of considerable dimensions, with suitable paddocks for the more domesticated animals, such as elephants, camels, zebras, lamas, Brahmin bulls, &c., with many of the largest birds of prey; the ostrich, cassiowary, pelican, &c. A beautifully picturesque, and ruinous pile of rock, that long adorned the garden of that great anatomist the late J. Brooks, Esq., has been erected here for the eagle tribe (among which are some noble specimens)[…].

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