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No. 1152: Finsbury Park Road, N4

Posted in Graffiti, Wildlife by esotericlondon on August 27, 2014

©RogerDean_RED_6657 copy

Finsbury Park Road, London, N4. Photo © Roger Dean 2014

Gaslight And Daylight, With Some London Scenes They Shine Upon – George Augustus Sala, 1859:

Is there anything more pitiable in animal nature than a thoroughly hard-up dog? Such a one I met two Sundays back in a shiningly genteel street in Pimlico. He was a cur, most wretchedly attenuated, and there in Pimlico he sat, with elongated jaws, his head on one side, his eyes wofully [sic] up-turned his haunches turned out, his feet together, his tail subdued, his ribs rampant: an utterly worn-out, denuded, ruined old dog. If he had taken a piece of chalk, and written ‘I am starving,’ fifty times on the pavement in the most ornamental caligraphy [sic], it could not have excited more sympathy than the unutterable expression of his oblique misery, propped up sideways as he was against a kitchen railing.