Esoteric London

No. 1116: Tower Bridge Piazza, SE1

Posted in London Types, Statues by esotericlondon on June 9, 2014

©RogerDean_RED_9690 copy

Tower Bridge Piazza, London, SE1. Photo ©RogerDean 2014

London: A Pilgrimage – Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold, 1872:

Those who can and do work are emphatically -London; and the great city is their inheritance from countless generations of toilers stretching back to those rich English merchants whose fame reached Tacitus. They make the laws, and make the laws obeyed; they grace the senate and the bench; they preach from the pulpit, teach in the school-room, spread daily history from the printing-office; speed ships to every clime; make London the chief granary of the world; send railway navvies to the Japanese; deal in everything the earth produces, and invent against the keenest the means of cheapening in order to hold a market. It is a French saying that wine nowadays is made with everything – even with the grape – a compliment to commercial ingenuity, which may be applied in London as well as in Paris. Privat d‘Anglemont once wrote a lively book on the Unknown Trades of the capital of which he was the reigning Bohemian-and he dived under the surface far enough to reach the breeder of gentles for anglers, and the painter of turkeys’ legs to give the birds a fresh appearance. Our neighbors are ingenious, but they have not overmatched London ingenuity in the art of contriving strange occupations.

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