Esoteric London

No. 1092: Gabriel’s Wharf, SE1

Posted in Parks, Public Art, Sport by esotericlondon on May 6, 2014


Gabriel’s Wharf, London, SE1. Photo ©RogerDean 2014

Mystic London: Or, Phases Of Occult Life In The Metropolis – Charles Maurice Davies, 1875:

THERE are few more exhilarating things, on a breezy spring morning, than a spurt across that wonderful rus in urbe – Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park – for a prospective dip in the Serpentine, where, at specified hours every morning and evening, waterloving London is privileged to disport itself in its congenial element. So congenial is it, in fact, that some enthusiastic individuals do not limit themselves to warm summer mornings, or the cooler ones of springtide and autumn, but bathe all the year round – even, it is said, when a way for their manœuvres has to be cut through the ice. Skirting the north bank of the Serpentine at morning or evening in the summer, the opposite shore appears absolutely pink with nude humanity, the younger portion dancing and gambolling very much after the manner of Robinson Crusoe’s cannibals. The bathers occasionally look a great deal better out of their integuments than in them.

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