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No. 1087: Glaisher Street, SE8

Posted in Architectural, Churches by esotericlondon on April 29, 2014

©RogerDean_RED_9886 copy

Glaisher Street, London, SE8. Photo © Roger Dean 2014

Hand-Book of London. Past and Present – Peter Cunningham, 1850:

PAUL’S WALK. A vulgar name for the middle aisle of old St. Paul’s.

“Paul’s Walk is the land’s epitome, or you may call it the lesser aisle of Great Britain. . . . . The noise in it is like that of bees, a strange humming or buzz, mixed of walking tongues and feet: it is a kind of still roar, or loud whisper. It is the great exchange of all discourse, and no business whatsoever but is here stirring and afoot. . . . . . . It is the general mint of all famous lies, which are here, like the legends of popery, first coined and stamped in the church. All inventions are emptied here, and not a few pockets. The best sign of a temple in it is, that it is the thieves sanctuary. . . . It is the other expence of the day, after plays, tavern, and a bawdy house; and men have still some oaths left to swear here. . . . . Some make it a preface to their dinner, and travel for a stomach; but thriftier men make it their ordinary, and board here very cheap.” – Earle’s Microcosmography, 8vo, 1628.

[The photograph above is a close up of the frock coat on the jester which is one part of the Mikhail Shemyakin sculpture to Peter the Great in Glaisher Street, SE8. Peter the Great spent several months in Deptford during 1698 whilst studying ship building in the Royal Dockyards. R.D.]

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