Esoteric London

No. 971: Rathbone Place, W1

Posted in Clubs, Lettering, Political London, Royal London by esotericlondon on November 18, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_5515 copy

Rathbone Place, London, W1. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Old and new London: A Narrative of Its History, Its People, and Its Places. Illustrated with Numerous Engravings From The Most Authentic Sources. Westminster and the Western Suburbs, Vol. III – Edward Walford, 1873:

At the “Crown Coffee House,” in this [Drury] lane, was held, in former times, an evening assembly called “The Flash Coves’ Parliament” – a loose sort of gathering of members of the bar, small tradesmen, and “men about town,” each of whom bore the title of some member or ther of the Upper House of Parliament: e.g., one would be “Lord Brougham,” another “the Duke of Wellington,” another “Lord Grey,” and so forth. This, however, has long since passed away.

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