Esoteric London

No. 955: Myddleton Road, N22

Posted in Shops by esotericlondon on October 25, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_4557 copy

Myddleton Road, London, N22. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

The Little World of London; or, Pictures in Little of London Life – Charles Manby Smith, 1857:


The shop-windows of London have long formed the city’s principal attraction to strangers and visitors. Picture-galleries and museums present no points of interest that can compete with them in the estimation of the mass of our fellow-creatures. They are, in fact, open volumes, which he who runs may read, and the tale they tell is one of wonder and of wealth, of courage and daring, of hardship and perseverance, of danger, and difficulty and success. Whatever art has to glory in, or science to boast of, the shop-window exhibits to the admiration of mankind.

[George Moore opened his menswear shop on Myddleton Road, Bowes Park in 1942. His son, Brian, took over the business after his death in 1969. When Brian subsequently retired, over a decade ago now, he didn’t have a closing down sale and empty the shop he just stopped selling clothes, and the window display remains as it was that day, albeit gently rotting and fading over the years. R.D.]

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