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No. 929: Strand, WC2

Posted in Architectural, Churches by esotericlondon on September 19, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_3973 copy

St Mary-Le-Strand, Strand, London, WC2. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Episodes in an Obscure Life – Richard Rowe, 1871:

I HAVE spoken of the substantial old cottages that may be found here and there in the East End; the substantial old mansions that may also be found there are still more striking objects, but even more difficult to find, since the once open space in front of them has become covered with cheap brick – their carriage drives, perhaps, converted into arched alleys, swarming with wrangling sluts, and half-naked children dabbling in the dirt with a duck-like fondness. I remember such an old house that was pulled down a few years ago to make room for a tall pile of bald ‘works.’ It stood at the bottom of a lane between whose crowded hovels there was just room for a waggon to pass. The only vehicles of any kind that went down the lane were bound for Lockman and Nephew’s, and when they got inside the great gates at the bottom of the lane there was plenty of room for them to turn in the pebbled court in front of the old house. It was a mellow-looking old house of red brick and once white stone: grimy, of course, but the grime had a bloom on it like that of a blackened pipe. A semicircular block of stone steps led up to the front door.

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