Esoteric London

No. 924: High Road, N15

Posted in Lettering, Street Furniture, Transport by esotericlondon on September 12, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_4073 copy

High Road, London, N15. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

A Journal of a Residence During Several Months in London; Including Excursions Through Various Parts of England; and a Short Tour in France and Scotland in the Years 1823 and 1824 – Nathaniel S. Wheaton, 1830:

Walking the streets of London with safety and speed, is an accomplishment not to be acquired without experience, and a diligent use of one’s eyes in every direction from which danger may be apprehended. Considering the immense number of carriages, and the throng of foot passengers, it is surprising that so few accidents happen. I witnessed one, however, a few mornings since, which it was distressing to behold. A poor women, with a child in her arms, was knocked down in crossing a street, and got entangled under the coach horses, where she was severely bruised before she could be rescued. Before the by-standers could sufficiently recover their self-recollection to yield her any assistance, a well dressed lady actually sprang under the horses and snatched away the child, with no small personal risk to herself—a gratifying instance of female intrepidity.

To observe the apparently reckless manner in which coaches are driven, one would imagine they could hardly pass the length of a street without causing accidents. But pedestrians learn to look to their own safety; and for this, an ever-vigilent circumspection becomes necessary.

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