Esoteric London

No. 907: Thurston Road, SE13

Posted in Lettering, London Places, Street Furniture, The Thames and its Tributaries by esotericlondon on August 20, 2013

© Roger Dean_RED4192 copy

Thurston Road, London, SE13. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

Old and New London, a Narrative of Its History Its People and Its Places, Vol. VI – Edward Walford, 1887:

Lying along the valley of the Ravensbourne, with land rising gently on either side, Lewisham, down to a very recent date, was a pleasant rural district; but, like all the other outlying districts of London, the green fields which hemmed it in are fast giving place to bricks and mortar.


Down to a very recent date Lewisham consisted chiefly of one principal street, and the road for the most part was bordered with lofty elms, many of which still remain in all their freshness. The salubrity of the air made the locality, at one time, a favourite place of abode for London merchants and wealthy families, and it still retains a few good old houses.


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