Esoteric London

No. 780: Adam And Eve Court, W1

Posted in Graffiti, Lettering by esotericlondon on February 22, 2013

© Roger Dean RED_8276 copy

Adam And Eve Court, London, W1. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

Some Habits and Customs of the Working Classes – Thomas Wright, 1867:

[…] no one person will ever be able to thoroughly comprehend the infinitely varied modes of existence which go to make up that gigantic aggregate called London life. Strictly defined, the name London is applicable only to the City, but in point of fact, and in the general acceptation of the word, London is the generic name for all places embraced within the postal district of “London and twelve miles round,” and in that area are localities which, save by name, and by their immediate inhabitants, the policeman on the beat, and a few individuals of an exploring turn of mind, are as little known as the interior of Africa. An interesting volume might be written on the manners and customs appertaining to these localities, and added to the already extensive literature of London life. These localities are chiefly those which may he called the manufacturing districts of London – districts which are to manufacturing industry what Paternoster Row and Fleet Street are to the bookselling trade – districts in which are made many of the articles which are taken to the remotest parts of the civilized world, and which we daily see and use, without thinking that the ingenuity and labour employed upon them have materially assisted in making England great among the nations of the earth. As there are no public buildings or places of holiday resort in these districts, they offer no attractions to the general or pleasure-seeking visitor, and owing to the absence from them of any portion of that “high life” accessible only to “the upper ranks of society,” and those interesting phases of low life, which can only be safely studied under the guidance of a police inspector, they afford very little opportunity for “smart” or sensational writing […].

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