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No. 784: Hatton Garden, EC1

Posted in London Labour, Public Art, Wildlife by esotericlondon on February 28, 2013

RED_7888 - © Roger.Dean.RGB copy

Hatton Garden, London, EC1. Photo © Roger Dean 2013

The Horse-World of London – W. J. Gordon, 1893:

Six days a week does the coal horse work, averaging, with due allowance for Saturdays, eighty hours, thirty of them in front of three tons, thirty in front of one and a half, and twenty standing at ease. On Sunday he has a whole day’s rest, and very glad he is to get it.

He is gradually eased in to his work. At first he is out but three days a week; then he gets four, then five, then six; and after a little experience on London’s varied pavings and gradings he may come to be set one of his most difficult tasks, that of dragging a load along St. John Street Road, uphill, on the way from the Meat Market to the Angel.

If he can stand that slippery track he can stand anything.