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No. 712: Woodrange Road, E7

Posted in Churches, Drink, Statues by esotericlondon on November 20, 2012

Forest Gate Methodist Church, Woodrange Road, London, E7. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

London by Day and Night – David W.Bartlett, 1852:

The Temperance Reform moves slowly in England, from the fact that the English are eminently a social people, and their drinking customs are almost inseparably connected in the general mind with their sociality. Many, very many estimable people esteem the wine-cup as a part of their hospitality, and we know of several families, and distinguished ones, too, whose members ‘touch not, taste not,’ yet whose tables are always loaded with the poisonous beverage, for the sake of guests who would almost feel it an insult to be invited to dinner without wine. The most celebrated dissenting minister in London once said to us: ‘Yours would be a fine country, were it not for Slavery and the tyranny of Temperance!’ We will not mention his name, but he is the most talented preacher in London, as we can testify by personal experience, and his name is familiar to the religious world.

[ The sculpture in the photograph above is The Preacher by Peter Peri. Modelled in a coloured cement like material called Pericrete it dramatically protrudes from the rather plain and austere front end gable of Forest Gate Methodist Church. R.D.]

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