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No. 705: Highgate Road, NW5

Posted in Drink, Pubs by esotericlondon on November 9, 2012

The Southampton Arms, Highgate Road, London, NW5. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Hand-Book of London – Peter Cunningham, 1850:

BREWERIES AND BEER IN LONDON. The Great Breweries are those of:

Barclay, Perkins, and Co., Park St., Southwark.
Meux and Co., Tottenham Court Road.
Combe, Delafield, and Co., Castle St., Long Acre.
Whitbread and Co., Chiswell Street.
Truman, Hanbury, and Co., Brick Lane, Spitalfields.
Goding and Co., Belvedere Road, Lambeth.
Reid and Co., Liquorpond St., Gray’s-Inn-lane.
Calvert and Co., 89, Upper Thames St.
Elliot and Co., Pimlico.

The visitor should exert his influence among his friends to obtain an order of admission to any one of the largest I have named. The best London porter and stout in draught is to be had at the Cock Tavern, 201, Fleet Street, and at the Rainbow Tavern, 15, Fleet Street, immediately opposite. Judges of ale recommend John O’Groat’s, 61, Rupert Street, Haymarket; and the Edinburgh Castle, 322, Strand.

[ Although we have lost all but one of the breweries mentioned above, (Truman having begun brewing again in 2010 albeit on a much reduced scale), the beer lovers of London have much to be cheerful about. There has been something of a renasence in brewing in the UK over the last few years and there are now over a thousand breweries operating in Britain and the capitol has its fair share. Sambrook’s Brewery, the Meantime Brewing Company, The Kernel Brewery, Redemption Brewing Company, Crate Brewery, Camden Town Brewery, London Fields Brewery, the names trip off the tongue like the list of those that went before them in the text above. Cheers! R.D.]

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