Esoteric London

No. 668: Holland Park Avenue, W11

Posted in Sport by esotericlondon on September 19, 2012

Holland Park Avenue, London, W11. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Round London: Down East and Up West – Montagu Williams Q.C., 1894:

[…] accompany me in imagination on a visit I paid one Sunday morning to a tiny piece of waste ground in Bethnal Green.
Look at yon ragged, half-starved little fellow; watch him at his game of cricket amid these squalid surroundings; see how he makes his runs, and handles his bat. Why, that attenuated little form hits out with as much heartiness as if he were playing at Lord’s or the Oval. A brick wall forms one boundary of the pitch, and another brick wall the other. If the ground falls short of the regulation number of yards, it is at any rate tolerably level. Three chalk lines on the wall do splendidly for stumps, and this arrangement renders a wicket-keeper and a long-stop wholly unnecessary.

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