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No. 622: Onslow Square, SW7

Posted in Shops, Statues by esotericlondon on July 17, 2012

Onslow Square, London, SW7. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

From an advertisement in Dickens’s Dictionary of London – Charles Dickens (Jr.), 1879: 

HENRY HEATH, Hat Manufacturer

393 (City end of) OXFORD STREET, LONDON ,W.
Established in the Reign of King George the Fourth
FASHION – Speciality.
‘AILE DE CORBEAU’ – The most brilliant Silk Plush yet produced – retains it glossy brilliancy in wear.
EXTRA QUALITY, Silk Hats (Cash Price) 17/-
Other Qualities (Unequalled for Hard Wear) – 13/6 & 10/6
BEST FELT HATS 7/6 9/6 & 10/6


HENRY HEATH, manufacturing his own Goods can guarantee – 1st, Their Quality; 2nd Excellence of Finish; 3rd Style; his Factory (adjoining) employs upwards of Seventy Persons. His goods cannot be procured at or through any Co-operative Stores. He has always refused to supply goods to or be in any way affiliated to them. His goods are charged Cash Prices, and will compare favourably with any Store Goods. His customers can always rely upon receiving business-like attention.
The NARROW HAT BRUSH, 1/-, or with hard bristles at one end, 1/6. A capital Brush for keeping the brim of Hat free from dust and spots. […].

[ The snappy dresser in the photograph above is Béla Bartók. The statue is the work of Imre Varga and upon its unveiling in 2004 it was the fourth he had created of the Hungarian composer the others being sited in Budapest, Brussels and Paris. R.D.]

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