Esoteric London

No. 612: Station Place, N4

Posted in London Types, Murals by esotericlondon on July 3, 2012

Station Place, London, N4. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Ins and Outs of London – W. O’Daniel, 1859:

The great number of men in uniform, I met with [in London] claimed particular attention. Male servants of the house all wear black pants, a black or white waistcoat, black dress coat, and white cravat. Some of them, especially in aristocratic families powder the hair, or wear grey wigs with long cues. This renders them rather a reverend looking set of men. Before I understood exactly their duties, I thought what patterns of Christianity I was sojourning with, where almost every family kept a chaplain. I came near getting into difficulty several times by mistaking good looking servants for ministers of the gospel, and bad looking ministers of the gospel for servants.
The coachmen wear knee-breeches, white stockings, blue, green, black, brown and every other color of coat, trimmed off with gilt buttons, gilt lace, cords, tassels, and always powdered wigs, powdered eyebrows, and powdered whiskers, when they can cultivate them, but, which, owing to juvenility, is very often not the case.
The footman, whose place is always behind the coach, on a seat or standing, there erected for him, is the exact shadow of the coachman belonging to the same equipage. Judges, barristers and others employed in the Courts must wear the universal white wig and black gown. The letter carriers or ‘postmen,’ (no one has a private box-all letters are carried out, and the carriers paid by the government,) all have scarlet coats, black pants with red stripe…

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