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No. 632: The Queen’s Walk, SE1

Posted in Catastrophes, Murals, Shops, The Thames by esotericlondon on July 31, 2012

Beneath Blackfriars Bridge, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

Ikea, the Mecca of the flat pack furniture world, opened its Edmonton store at one minute past midnight on a chilly February night back in 2005. Unfortunately staff had underestimated the number of people that would be lured to the opening by the offer of heavily discounted sofas and beds. Instead of the expected 1000 or so approximately 6000 turned up and the ensuing stampede and crush that occurred once the doors opened resulted in several people being injured with six requiring hospitaisation. The store had to close within 40 minutes as the security staff were unable to ensure peoples safety. R.D.