Esoteric London

No. 582: Brick Lane, E2

Posted in London Labour, Shops by esotericlondon on May 22, 2012

Brick Lane, London, E2. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

The Morning Chronicle: Labour and the Poor – Henry Mayhew, 1849-50:

It is supposed there are about 300 cats’ meat carriers in and about London. At one yard alone near upon a hundred carriers purchase the meat, and there are, upon an average, 150 horses slaughtered there every week. Each slaughter-house may be said to do, one with another, sixty horses per week throughout the year, and there are from fifteen to twenty of these slaughter-houses. It is believed by one who has been engaged at the business for twenty-five years, that there are from 900 to 1,000 horses, averaging 2 cwt. of meat each, little and big, boiled down every week; so that the quantity of cats’ and dogs’ meat used throughout London is about 200,000 lbs. per week, and this, sold at the rate of 2½d. per lb., gives £2,000 a week for the money spent in cats’ meat.

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