Esoteric London

No. 563: Queensway, W2

Posted in Architectural, London Labour by esotericlondon on April 25, 2012

Queensway, London, W2. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

London by Day and Night; or, Men and Things in the Great Metropolis – David W.Bartlett, 1852:

There is perhaps no single town in the world which executes so great an amount of printing as London. There are many places, where there are more newspapers, daily and weekly, but when we include all manner of periodicals and books, London must stand at the head of the world. We think too, that nowhere else has journalism become so brilliant and lofty a profession. The London daily papers are the ablest in the world, so far as mere writing talent is concerned. And first of all, towering far above all the rest in stature and importance as a daily paper of magnificent editorial-talent, stands the London Times. It is what it has once styled itself – the leading journal of Europe, the journal which is read everywhere, from the Mississippi to the Ganges. Whatever people may believe as the principles of the paper, all are agreed in one point – that it is the mightiest intellectual engine in the world; if bad, then mightily dangerous.
It is printed and published in Printing House Square, a quiet place in London, and a visit to the establishment is well worth the while of any American. Everything in its vast apartments is conducted with precision and wonderful dispatch, and one is struck with admiration to see how quietly so vast a machine can perform its gigantic labor. A thousand fingers, a thousand pens in all parts of the earth, the railway engines, steamers, and the lightning are constantly at work to feed this great leviathan. It has a host of editors, and regularly paid contributors; it has able correspondents everywhere – at Paris, Berlin and Vienna, it keeps men – often, we are sorry to say, to fabricate untruths – whose sole business is to furnish matter for its columns.


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