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No. 540: Shoreditch High Street, E1

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The Crown and Shuttle, Shoreditch High Street, London, E1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011


Old Bailey Proceedings, 10th April 1899

295. JOHN BUCKLAND (31) , Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.

JESSIE CAYLEY . I am barmaid at the Crown and Shuttle, High Street, Shoreditch—on March 26th, about 8 o’clock, I was serving in the bar when the prisoner came in and called for a pot of four ale—he paid me with a half-crown, which he slipped along the counter—I found it was bad, and took it to my mistress—she came into the bar, and asked the prisoner if he had any more—he said “No,” and that it was taken for a debt in Brick Lane—a constable was sent for, and he was given into custody.

ALICE BOWDEN . I am landlady of the Crown and Shuttle—the barmaid brought me this half-crown—I took it to my husband, and we tested it together and I went into the bar and said to the prisoner, “Do you know this is a wrong one?”—I asked him how many more he had got upon him—he said a man had paid it back to him last Friday for a debt in a public-house in Brick Lane—I sent for a constable—my potman detained the prisoner, who said to him, “Oh, cheese it, cockie! “—he told my potman he had taken it at the Globe.

JOSEPH O’CONNELL . I am potman at the Crown and Shuttle—I took charge of the prisoner till the police came—he said to me, “Cheese it, cockle! I have just got this from the Globe tonight”—I did not understand what he meant.

JAMES QUINLON (122 G) . I was called to the Crown and Shuttle, and saw the prisoner in the potman’s custody—I asked him where he got the half-crown—he said he had taken it at dinner time that very day for a debt owing to him by Jack Smith—I searched him and found on him 11 1/2 d. in bronze—I charged him at the station, but he made no answer there—I asked him his name—he said John Buckland, and that his address was in Little Pearl Street; he did not know the number—we found that the description was false throughout.

WILLIAM JOHN WEBSTER . I am Inspector of coin to Her Majesty’s Mint—the two, half-crowns produced are from different moulds.

GUILTY .—He had been previously convicted of burglary.— Twelve Months’ Hard Labour.

[Thanks to Tim Hitchcock, Robert Shoemaker, Clive Emsley, Sharon Howard and Jamie McLaughlin, et al., at The Old Bailey Proceedings Online 1674-1913 for the above post. To read more of the proceedings go to Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 7.0, 26 March 2013), April 1899, trial of JOHN BUCKLAND (31) (t18990410-295) by clicking here. R.D.]

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