Esoteric London

No. 473: Old Compton Street, W1

Posted in Catastrophes, London Types by esotericlondon on December 21, 2011

Old Compton Street, London, W1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

London at Midnight – Henry Vigar-Harris, 1885:

“If you please, Sir, will you give me a copper to get a bed. I shall die if I stay out in the cold another night.” This pitiful entreaty was addressed to me by a tall woman who bore the traces of past respectability. I could not repress my tears as I noticed that she had no boots on, and that the keen wind was penetrating through her thin garments. I gave her fourpence wherewith to procure her much needed rest, and her return thanks are still ringing in my ears. She informed me she was a woman who had been the victim of a foul libertine for whom she had left home and friends, and who now had deserted and left her penniless and homeless on the London streets.

[ Large numbers of the homeless of Britain continue to gravitate to the Capitol and Crisis was founded in 1967 to endeavour to assist them. Whilst they had many successes it was noted in 1971 that the lack of services for homeless people at Christmas was all too real. In response, Crisis at Christmas was set up. If you would like to read more about Crisis or wish to make a donation you can find their website by clicking here. R.D.]

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