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No. 464: Trinity Square, EC3

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The Tower Hill Memorial, Trinity Square, London, EC3. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

A Wanderer In London – E.V. Lucas, 1906:

One of the parts of commercial London that I like best is the slope of the hill between St. Paul’s and the river. All kinds of old narrow lanes wind down this hill to the water, crossing Upper Thames Street on the way – all strongly stamped by the past and all very busy and noisy. Nowhere in London do the feet of horses make so clattering a disturbance as hereabouts, and the motor vehicle has hardly yet found its way here. These lanes with the odd names – Godliman Street, Benet Lane, Sermon Lane, Trig Lane, Distaff Lane, Little Divinity Lane, Garlick Hill, College Hill, Stew Lane – are all winding and narrow and obsolete, and without exception, contrary to the best interests of business; yet they persist, and one is glad of it. And all make for the wharves and the river, and ultimately the open sea.

[The area Lucas describes in the paragraph above has, thankfully, remained pretty much intact and one can still get a sense of what much of the area surrounding St. Paul’s would have looked like pre World War II. I find it particularly pleasant to meander through it on a Sunday morning when it is practically deserted.

The photograph above is of the detail on the plinth of a statue of an officer that forms part of the Tower Hill Memorial. The memorial was built to commemorate those from the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets who died during both World War I and II. R.D.]

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