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No. 443: Victoria Street, SW1

Posted in Crime and Punishment by esotericlondon on November 9, 2011

New Scotland Yard, Victoria Street, London, SW1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

Daily Telegraph, October 3rd 1888:

A horrible discovery was made yesterday afternoon in the new police buildings [New Scotland Yard] between Parliament-street and the Embankment. Shortly after one o’clock several workmen, on opening a bundle which they found hidden in one of the darkest archways of the vaulted foundations of the structure referred to, laid bare the remains of a woman. The corpse was a mere trunk, both head and limbs having been severed in an apparently brutal and unskilful manner. Evidently the remains were those of a young and well nourished woman, and there is every reason to fear that they form part of some person who has been murdered and made away with by an atrocious miscreant. In fact, there are strong grounds for believing that the arm found on Sept. 11 in the Thames, near Grosvenor Railway Bridge, was cut from the mutilated trunk which has been unearthed.

[ Subsequently a further limb was discovered, a left leg cut above the knee but the head and remaining two limbs were never found. The identity of the victim and the perpetrator both remain unknown and it has become a point of trivia and irony that New Scotland Yard, one of the world’s best-known police stations, is built on the scene of an unsolved murder. R.D.]

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