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No. 412: Wenlock Road, N1

Posted in Pubs by esotericlondon on September 27, 2011

The Wenlock Arms, Wenlock Road, London, N1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

This post is a update to my post on the plight of The Wenlock in October last year.

The Wenlock Arms opened for business in 1836 as the “brewery tap” for the Wenlock Brewery. In September last year news emerged that plans were afoot to demolish the pub but things seemed to continue as normal and I for one hoped that the whole thing had been just a nasty rumour. Unfortunately, on 7th September 2011, an application for the demolition of the pub and construction of a new development was registered with Hackney Council. The consultation period runs until 10 October 2011.

If you have never been to The Wenlock then I suggest that you should plan to make a visit before it’s too late. What you will find will be a scruffy, ramshackle, down-at-heel hostelry where the decor counts for nothing but the ale and the convivial conversation most certainly do. You will find labourers rubbing shoulders with real ale fanatics and locals chatting with tourists who have made it a ‘must visit’ whilst on holiday from the US. You may catch a live jazz session or be there when one of the many local groups are using the upstairs function room. The Wenlock is a true hub in a community and a destination for many from outside the immediate vicinity. It will not be a national tragedy if the pub is demolished but it will make a lot of peoples lives a little less fun.

If anybody would like to oppose the Planning Application then you can do so here and a Save The Wenlock Facebook page has been set up and can be visited by clicking here. R.D.

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  1. Fiona MK said, on September 27, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Appalled and incensed. I have submitted comments reflecting my serious displeasure at this development.

  2. Anne D said, on September 27, 2011 at 7:37 am

    Not the Wenlock!!! Gotta love the cultural vandals who support this kind of thing. Pity you can’t get that weird teletubby/dalek hybrid Olympic games mascot called Wenlock to stage a protest. Maybe without its arms? Isn’t part of the Olympics site in Hackney?

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