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No. 375: Euston Road, NW1

Posted in Churches by esotericlondon on August 5, 2011

St. Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, London, NW1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

The Lady’s Dressing Room – Baroness Staffe, 1893:

Advice to a Stout Woman.

A stout woman should not wear a tailor-made dress. It marks the outline too decidedly, and throws every pound of flesh into relief.

She must deny herself bows and rosettes of ribbon at the waist, both back and front, as this adornment adds to its size. She ought not to wear short sleeves, as the upper part of her arm is sure to be too fat. and to look hike a ham or a leg of mutton.

A ruffle round the throat will not suit her, nor a very high and tight collar. She ought to have her dress slightly open in a point in the front, or her collar a little turned back. A feather boa is the only one which will not shorten her neck too much.

Short basques will make her look ridiculously stout.

Wearing the hair low down will not be becoming to her. She ought to dress it high up on her head, without dragging it too tight; the front should not be plastered down. A certain carelessness in arranging her hair will be best for her, and she must not oil it too much.

Patterns with large flowers, and both large or small checks, must be avoided for her mantles and dresses. Stripes and plain materials, or small patterns in one colour, are all that she can allow herself and she should wear dark shades.

Few jewels, no pearls round her throat, no earrings, and only as many rings as are indispensable.

Sleeves high on the shoulder and with tight cuffs must also be avoided, and she should not wear tight gloves.

[ Due to an error the caryatids on the exterior of St Pancras Parish Church were made too tall and had to be truncated at the waist in order to fit the design. R.D.]

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  1. Jo Hall said, on August 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Would it not have been kinder to shorten their legs a little. I am somewhat truncated myself! What an amazing piece of information – where did you find that out??

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