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No. 366: Dalston Lane, E8

Posted in Murals by esotericlondon on July 25, 2011

Dalston Lane, London, E8. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

From the website of the London Mural Preservation Society:

The Dalston Lane Mural, painted in 1985, has become an image that many people are familiar with, thanks to the new East London line station opening opposite it. The mural, created by Ray Walker, is a composition based on the 1983 Hackney Peace Carnival. In the picture, the procession has just gone past Navarino Mansions on Dalston Lane. Union banners are waved to the right and to the left, a giant puppet figure representing the USSR and USA’s nuclear squabble is carried by men wearing skeleton masks. A brass band plays at the front of the procession as people watch them go by.

[ Ray Walker was a member of] London Muralists for Peace – a group formed in November 1982 for the GLC [Greater London Council] Year for Peace. This group was commissioned to create 6 murals in London with the theme ‘Peace through Nuclear Disarmament’. Ray Walker’s mural was one of the last to be started. Many sketches were made and a design completed. However before he had a chance to really start painting, tragedy struck and he died of a heart attack at the young age of 39.

From there, his friend Mike Jones and his wife, Ann Walker, stepped in to complete the work. The mural was opened in October 1985 by Tony Banks, then chairman of GLC and significant supporter of London’s mural scene.

[ More of the history of London’s murals can be read at the London Mural Preservation Society website by clicking here. R.D.] 

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