Esoteric London

No. 364: Hornsey Lane, N6

Posted in London Places by esotericlondon on July 21, 2011

Hornsey Lane Bridge, Hornsey Lane, London, N6. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

Night Haunts, A Journey Through The London Night – Sukhdev Sandhu,  2007:

[ A conversation between Sandhu and a volunteer for the charity Samaritans]

“ There’s a question I wanted to ask.”

“ Of course.”

“ Well, I had a friend once. He was addicted to prostitutes. He said he had to stop because he found that he had begun to think of every woman that he saw as a prostitute. Or a potential prostitute. I wonder – does your job shape the way you see the people around you? When you’re walking around London do you always see the skull behind the flesh? – Sorry. That probably sounded really offensive.”

“ The truth is that anyone who works for the Samaritans is already predisposed to seeing the skull behind the flesh.”

[ The photograph above was taken from Hornsey Lane Bridge which carries the ancient Hornsey Lane over Archway Road. Known locally as Suicide Bridge it is the only significant bridge known for that purpose that passes over land rather than water. Night Haunts is published by Verso Books and can be purchased here . R.D.]

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