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No. 264: Brushfield Street, E1

Posted in Markets, Public Art by esotericlondon on March 3, 2011

Brushfield Street, London, E1. Photo © Roger Dean 2011

In the Days of Bicycles and Bustles – R D Blumenfeld, 1930:

The Rothschild goat which ambles up and down Piccadilly every afternoon from Seamore Place to Stratford Street nearly came to grief to-day. An omnibus horse slipped on the pavement and went down. The goat shied away and was nearly run over by a passing hansom. The omnibus-driver said he wouldn’t have hurt the goat for worlds since it might affect the annual New Year’s gift of a brace of pheasants which Leopold Rothschild sends to every driver and conductor.

[ The above photograph is of ‘I Goat’ by Kenny Hunter which has recently been erected in Spitalfields having won the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize. The goat apparently ‘stands as a symbol for the successive waves of migrants that have historically found sanctuary in Spitalfields’ whilst the crates on which it is perched ‘reference the market’ although they could just as easily reference the down and outs that had to burn them for warmth not so long ago before the area was gentrified. R.D.]

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