Esoteric London

No. 238: London Wall, EC2

Posted in Interiors, The Thames and its Tributaries, Transport by esotericlondon on January 26, 2011

NCP Car Park, London Wall, London, EC2. Photo © Roger Dean 2010

From Early London, Prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and Norman – Sir Walter Besant, 1908:

Let us next inquire what manner of city was this of London under the Romans. At the time of the Roman Conquest it was an unwalled village, protected partly by its situation, which was such as to leave it exposed to attack from one quarter only, before the construction of roads across the marsh; partly by its stockade fort between the Fleet and the Walbrook, and partly by the valour of its inhabitants. Evidently there was then no Roman fort or citadel. That was built later. It was placed on the high ground east of Walbrook; it had the advantage of a stream and a low cliff in the west, and a broad river and a low cliff on the south. This citadel was of extraordinary strength and solidity. Its foundations have been laid bare (1) at its south-west angle, under Cannon Street Railway Terminus; (2) at its east side, at Mincing Lane, twenty years ago; and (3) part of the north side was uncovered in 1892, on the south side of Cornhill.

[Nowadays the Romans’ wall-building expertise can be seen in the NCP Car Park on London Wall. By bay number 52, shown in the above photograph, one can see a section of the wall still standing and ready to repel modern day assaults from BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes, etc.. R.D.]

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