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No. 191: City Road/Old Street, EC1

Posted in Crime and Punishment, Graffiti by esotericlondon on November 22, 2010

Old Street Roundabout, City Road/Old Street, London, EC1. Photo © Roger Dean 2010.

From Islington Past: A Visual History of Islington – John Richardson, 1988*:

Duelling (not formally prohibited until 1818) was frequently carried out at Islington in the 18th-century, as well as Chalk Farm, Putney, Kensington etc., and other isolated spots. It is often suggested that the last formal (and fatal) duel in England took place near the Brecknock Tavern on July 1 1843, either on the St. Pancras or Islington side of the road. A Lt. Colonel Fawcett shot his brother-in-law, a fellow soldier. The wounded man, refused admission to the tavern, was taken to a pub in Camden Town where he died. A verdict of murder was returned at the inquest but the survivor was acquitted. In 1609, a duel took place at Islington and both contestants were killed and buried in the same grave – one was the godson of the king (according to The History and Antiquities of Islington, 1823, by John Nelson).

* Historical Publications Ltd.

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