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No. 139: Bedford Hill, SW16

Posted in Events by esotericlondon on September 9, 2010

© Roger Dean_H0B8106 - Roger.Dean.RGB copy

Bedford Hill, London, SW16. Photo © Roger Dean 2010

Romance of London, Volume IJohn Timbs, 1800:

The Field of Forty Footsteps

over these forty steps. Bedford Hill London SW16 2010 In the rear of Montague House, Bloomsbury, until the present generation, the ground lay waste, and being on the edge of the great town, presented a ready arena for its idle and lawless dangerous classes. It appears to have been originally called Long Fields, and afterwards Southampton Fields. They were the resort of depraved persons, chiefly for fighting pitched battles, especially on the Sabbath-day; such was the state of the place up to 1800. […]

A legendary story of the period of the Duke of Monmouth’s Rebellion relates a mortal conflict here between two brothers, on account of a lady, who sat by; the combatants fought so ferociously as to destroy each other; after which, their footsteps, imprinted on the ground in the vengeful struggle, were said to remain, with the indentations produced by their advancing and receding; nor would any grass or vegetation ever grow

[The fields would have been behind where the British Museum stands today. R.D.]

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