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No. 102: Great Swan Alley, EC2

Posted in London Places, Wildlife by esotericlondon on July 20, 2010

Great Swan Alley, London, EC2. Photo © Roger Dean 2010

“London is a roost for every bird” – Benjamin Disraeli

Albatross Close E6, Avocet Close SE1, Bittern Court NW9, Blackbird Yard E2, Black Swan Yard SE1, Chaffinch Close N9, Cock Hill E1, Condor Path Northolt, Crane Court EC4, Crows Road E15, Cuckoo Avenue W7, Curlew Street SE1, Cygnet Close NW10, Dove Close NW7, Drake Crescent SE28, Eagle Street W1, Egret Way, Yeading, Eider Close SE8, Emu Road SW8, Falcon Grove SW11, Finch Lane EC3, Flamingo Court SE8, Goldcrest Mews W5, Goldfinch Road SE28, Goose Square E6, Goshawk Gardens Hayes, Gosling Way SW9, Great Owl Road Chigwell, Grebe Close E17, Harrier Road NW9, Hen and Chicken Court EC4, Heron Drive N4, Ibis Lane W4, Jay Mews SW7, Kestrel Place SE14, Kingfisher Mews SE13, Kite Place E2, Kittiwake Court SE1, Lapwing Court SE1, Lark Row E2, Linnet Mews SW12, Magpie Close NW9, Mallard Path SE28, Merlin Street WC1, Nightingale Square SW12, Old Swan Wharf SW11, Osprey Close E17, Oystercatcher Close E16, Partridge Way N22, Peacock Walk N6, Pelican Passage E1, Pheasant Close E16, Pigeon Lane Hampton, Plover Way SE16, Poultry EC2, Puffin Close Beckenham, Raven Row E1, Redwing Path SE28, Robin Lane NW4, Rook Walk E6, Sandpiper Close SE16, Seagull Lane E16, Shearwater Court E1, Sheldrake Place W8, Skua Court SE8, Skylark Court SE1, Sparrow Close Hampton, Starling Close Pinner, Stork Road E7, Swallow Passage W1, Swan Lane EC4, Swift Street SW6, Teal Close E16, Thrush Street SE17, Wigeon Path SE28, Wouldcock Hill Kenton, Woodpecker Road SE14, Wren Street WC1.

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