Esoteric London

No. 71: Shorts Gardens, WC2

Posted in Catastrophes, Food, Literary London, Shops by esotericlondon on June 7, 2010

Neal’s Yard, Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London, WC2. Photo © Roger Dean 2010

Samuel Pepys Diary – September 4th, 1666:

‘. . . to Tower [Street], and there met the fire burning three or four doors beyond Mr. Howell’s, whose goods, poor man, his trayes, and dishes, shovells . . . were flung all along Tower [Street] in the kennels, and people working therewith from one end to the other; the fire coming on in that narrow streete, on both sides, with infinite fury. Sir W. Batten not knowing how to remove his wine, did dig a pit in the garden, and laid it in there; and I took the opportunity of laying all the papers of my office that I could not otherwise dispose of. And in the evening Sir W. Pen and I did dig another, and put our wine in it; and I my Parmazan cheese, as well as my wine and some other things. . .

[Neal’s Yard Dairy has two shops selling its most excellent cheeses one at 17 Shorts Gardens WC2 and the other at 6 Park Street SE1. R.D.]

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